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Mold Detection, Inspections, & More

At Blue Sky Inspections we offer a more complete mold inspection service. For your protection, we are certified and insured, and all certifications are kept up-to-date. Because we are a smaller organization, we have low overhead and we can pass the savings onto you. For testing services, we only use accredited labs and equipment, and we take great steps to make sure we get the job done right. We calibrate our equipment to make sure it's accurate, and running properly. We pay close attention to detail. Contact us for mold detection and testing services.

Mold Inspections

  • We conduct a brief interview to determine what services are needed.
  • Full visual inspections, along with digital pictures for documentation.
  • Moisture readings and humidity levels of structure are monitored to determine water/moisture intrusion.
  • We offer air sampling, swab sampling, bulk sampling and tape lifts.
  • Samples are then sent to an accredited lab for analysis
  • Once the results are returned to us, we inform the customer of their outcome.
  • We then provide the customer with detailed report explaining the results in layman’s terms for easy comprehension.
  • We provide services for both residential and commercial properties.

Sampling Methods

Air Sampling

Cassettes containing a slide coated with a sticky medium are placed at the end of a specially designed pump, which draws air in and collects airborne fungal spores. Air sample results will indicate mold levels and species. A minimum of two tests are necessary for a comparison of interior air versus exterior air to determine if air quality is safe.

Swab Test

This test involves a Q-Tip swab encased in a tube with liquid medium. The swab is introduced to the visible mold on a surface. The swab is then sent to the lab for analysis. Swab sample results will indicate mold levels and species located in suspect area.

Tape Lift

This test involves a piece of tape, which is introduced to visible mold on a surface then placed on a slide for analysis. The tape lift result will indicate species of mold located in suspect area.

Bulk Sample

Bulk sampling is when an affected piece of building material is removed and sent to a lab for analysis (i.e.: carpeting, drywall, ceiling tile, etc.) The bulk sample will indicate species of mold located on affected material.

Remediation Services

Because of a conflict of interest, we do not perform remediation services ourselves. Our only objective is giving accurate and truthful results, not getting a large cleaning job. We do provide a bio-remediation plan detailing the steps to correctly remediate the mold, and if needed we can refer qualified remediation professionals.

Protect your home and your family with our professional mold inspections, mold detection, and mold testing services.

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